Our Doctors

American Board of Audiology certified audiologists with over 25 years combined experience providing exemplary hearing and balance healthcare.

ACHC Accredited

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) only grants its coveted deeming authority designation to select organizations that consistently exceed expectations.

Jacquelyn C. J. Lovitt, Au.D.

American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist

Dr. Jacquelyn C. J. Lovitt has a wealth of knowledge, training, and unique skills in the areas of audiological and vestibular assessment and management, tinnitus and hyperacusis treatment, central auditory processing disorders, electrophysiological evaluation, and hearing aids. She received both her bachelor’s and Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degrees from The Ohio State University and completed her residency at the Atlanta VA Medical Center.

Named Senior Master clinician at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

As a subject matter expert for the Department of Defense, Dr. Lovitt developed, and was lead instructor, for the first week-long course on central auditory processing disorders to military and VA Audiologists from around the nation.

Board certified by the American Board of Audiology, a designation which indicates a dedication to ethical practice as well as robust continuing education requirements.

Expert in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation, having received specialized education at advanced levels of study.

Received the highly-competitive award of Senior Civilian of the Quarter while at Walter Reed to honor her outstanding work performance and patient care.

Unique experience working with patients suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post traumatic stress disorder, which includes her work with the TBI team at Walter Reed and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence.

More About Dr. Lovitt

Dr. Lovitt’s experience includes her work at the premiere military hospital in the nation, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), where she was bestowed the honor of being named Senior Master Clinician. During her time there, she independently developed a multi-disciplinary, holistic central auditory processing evaluation and management protocol at WRNMMC and eventually created a one-week seminar for military and VA audiologists. She has sat on multi-disciplinary teams for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and pediatric craniofacial abnormalities. In addition, she previously served as subject matter expert to the Department of Defense and VA for central auditory processing disorders (CAPD).

Dr. Lovitt’s vision is to improve early intervention for hearing loss and balance disorders and their sequalae. She understands the significant role hearing and balance plays in maintaining happy, healthy, and socially-engaged lifestyles. Dr. Lovitt is passionate about preventing the long-term effects that untreated hearing loss can have on cognitive and emotional health. Because of their shared passion in helping all to hear better, she collaborated with Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins to found Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the metro DC region.

When asked what makes Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance unique, Dr. Lovitt stated the following:

“We effectively partner with each patient, considering their unique abilities, resources, and needs, to develop holistic, audiological intervention plans that will lead to optimal outcomes.”

Candice E. Ortiz-Hawkins, Au.D.

American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist

Dr. Candice E. Ortiz-Hawkins is a nationally recognized, American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist, United States Army Veteran, speaker and author on hearing healthcare practices. Audiologists from across the country have sought out her expertise in tinnitus evaluation and treatment, auditory hallucination management, and hearing monitoring for patients who are undergoing medical treatment which can cause hearing loss (ototoxic monitoring). She has additional expertise in electrophysiologic evaluations and atypical hearing losses and hearing aid fittings.

Certified by the American Board of Audiology, a designation which indicates a dedication to ethical practice as well as robust continuing education requirements.

Certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association which recognizes that holders sustain rigorous continued academic and professional standards.

Deemed an expert in tinnitus evaluation and management having received specialized training which was used to establish evaluation and treatment models at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Associate Master Clinician during her tenure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, indicating exemplary service and productivity with her work in ototoxic monitoring.

Expert in ototoxic monitoring and is internationally recognized for her work in the development of standardization of care within the multi-disciplinary environment.

More About Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins

Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Wayne State University and her Doctor of Audiology (AuD) from University of South Florida. She completed her residency at the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and The House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins worked at the prestigious Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) for over a decade. During her time there, she single-handedly developed programs for newborn hearing screening and ototoxic monitoring for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, infectious diseases, and pulmonary disorders. Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins was bestowed the honor of being named an Associate Master Clinician by WRNMMC for her work in ototoxicity. She has sat on multi-disciplinary teams for hematology and oncology, and national tinnitus working groups. She currently sits on the International Ototoxicity Monitoring Group.

Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins’s vision is to impact the lives of patients, her community, and the advancement of audiology by providing a holistic approach to hearing healthcare. It is with this vision that she has, in partnership with Dr. Lovitt, founded the Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance where their combined expertise and innovation are accessible to those in the metro Washington DC area and beyond. 

When asked what makes Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance different, Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins explains: 

“We have made a commitment to do whatever it takes to serve our patients and make top-tier hearing and balance healthcare more accessible to our community.” 

Our audiologists provide a holistic approach to hearing and balance care while setting the standard of excellence in prevention, diagnosis, and early treatment through education, accessibility, and innovation.

Amy Lossie
Amy Lossie
April 9, 2024.
Dr. Ortiz is outstanding! Her positive energy and drive to find a solution that works for her patients is unparalleled. I have a complicated prescription and tinnitus. She listens and encourages real-time feedback of how each hearing aid works for me. She’s honest, caring, and exceptionally knowledgeable. So glad i found Dr. Ortiz!
Gail Akinbinu
Gail Akinbinu
April 8, 2024.
I received excellent care and support at Capital Institute of Hearing and Balance .
Mark Travaglini
Mark Travaglini
April 3, 2024.
They were very thorough explaining everything in a way I could understand. We’re very professional while providing a welcoming and supportive environment. I left feeling they really cared and confident in the guidance they provided.
Ana Gomez
Ana Gomez
April 2, 2024.
Capital Instituto of Hearing & balance is a great place to attend, easy to make appointments, good customer service the personal are very nice and the specialist that helped me was very nice professional she explained step by step over all I felt comfortable I really recommend this place.
Elliot L
Elliot L
March 29, 2024.
It’s a travesty that I’m limited to five stars! One visit entirely changed my situation. Informative, caring and super nice all wrapped up in one!! Highly recommend.
Mildred Belton
Mildred Belton
March 25, 2024.
Pleasant knowledgeable exam was not painful and everything explanations were clear
Charles J. Bondi
Charles J. Bondi
March 24, 2024.
Dr. Lovitt is thorough in what she does and in the way that she explains the hearing evaluation and what could be disorders of the ear. The whole process is a bit stressful but she does her best to put the patient on a path to improving their hearing.
Seb Flores
Seb Flores
March 11, 2024.
Great doctors and staff. Very nice and friendly
Cordel Bainbridge
Cordel Bainbridge
March 1, 2024.
The staff and doctor was the best my mother was well pleased with the service.