Specialty Services

Whether for wax build-up, sound sensitivity concerns, or for protecting your hearing, our providers have the knowledge and tools to ensure safe and effective treatment and prevention.

Wax Removal

Have you ever heard that saying, “never put anything smaller than an elbow into your ear?” Well, it is true! Using ear swabs can cause more harm than good by further pushing wax, also known as cerumen, into the ear canal and even posing risk for rupturing your ear drum.

Come see us at Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, where we will do an assessment and determine the safest and most effective way to rid your ears of excessive or impacted ear wax.

Hyperacusis/Loudness Intolerance

Are you bothered by sounds that most people do not mind? Do you find yourself using ear plugs to try to tolerate normal-everyday sounds? You may have a hearing disorder called hyperacusis. Hyperacusis is treated using a sound therapy program delivered through a noise generator. The use of this device will retrain your brain to gradually tolerate everyday sounds again.

Get ready to ditch those ear plugs and contact Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance to see if you would benefit from sound therapy today!

Specialty Devices

Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance is also your source for custom specialty devices such as swim plugs, hearing protection, musician ear plugs, television streamers, FM systems, and so much more. Feel free to contact us for your specific needs!

Our providers are experienced and skilled at various techniques to safely and successfully clean your ears.