Lenire is an FDA-approved medical device proven to soothe and reduce the severity of tinnitus.

What Is Lenire?

Lenire is an FDA-approved medical device proven to soothe and reduce the severity of tinnitus.

It works by playing soothing sounds through headphones while simultaneously administering gentle, electrical pulses to the tongue. It is through the combination of sounds and gentle pulses that your brain begins to “rewire” itself and decrease awareness of the tinnitus.

This process, called bimodal neuromodulation, is designed to help reduce the impact that tinnitus has on your life.

What does Lenire look like?

The device is composed of three main pieces:

Bluetooth headphones which deliver customized sounds to activate the brain’s auditory nerve.

A Tonguetip which is a small device that sits comfortably in the mouth while delivering gentle pulses to the surface of the tongue.

Lenire tongue tip

The controller is a lightweight, handheld device which controls the timing and intensity of the treatment.

Lenire controller

What to expect at Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance

After a comprehensive examination by your Neuromod-certified Doctor of Audiology, the device will be customized for your unique tinnitus needs. The device will then be used in the comfort of your home with scheduled follow-up appointments.

What is the research behind Lenire?

Lenire is the first device of its kind to receive FDA approval to treat tinnitus, following extensive research. To date, three clinical trials have been completed, involving more than 500 participants, that have shown a clinically significant reduction in tinnitus symptoms with zero serious side effects.

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Tinnitus affects about 10-15% of the global population and occurs in nearly 90% of individuals with hearing loss.

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