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Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams
September 1, 2023.
We had a wonderful experience at Capital Institute of Hearing and Balance. I was able to get an appointment for a hearing test for my son extremely quickly. Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins was very thorough and patient. Would give more stars if available. Thank you for the quick appointment and easing our concerns about possible hearing loss.
August 10, 2023.
I had a top notch experience at Capital Institute of Hearing and Balance. The staff was friendly and pleasant and the level of medical care that Dr. Lovitt provided exceeded my expectations. She was very attentive, informative and clearly addressed all of my concerns.
Melissa Scopilliti
Melissa Scopilliti
August 9, 2023.
Great experience. Dr. Ortiz-Hawkins was very knowledgeable, explained things clearly, and provided a high level of care.
Laura Guyer
Laura Guyer
August 3, 2023.
Excellent individual attention and quick results!
peggy chavez
peggy chavez
August 2, 2023.
I took my 5 year old for his hearing test and the doctor that helped us out was amazing she’s great with kids.
Melinda Scott
Melinda Scott
July 26, 2023.
I think this an outstanding way to increase alertness and add important knowledge to those who care for their own and loved ones’ ability to stay engaged with others .
Elan Burman
Elan Burman
July 21, 2023.
Both doctors are gifted clinicians with deeply empathetic and caring bedside manners. They go out of their way to tend to everybody they encounter and are an asset to the broader community. They have provided exceptional service to both my father and me. Whether an emergency or routine appointment, they are thorough, personable, and knowledgeable. They should be the go to audiologists on everybody's list.

Our Services

Concierge Care

At Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, our concierge care plan allows you to make the appointments when it is convenient for you.


We provide a child-friendly approach to the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of infants and children.

Dizziness & Balance

Using highly specialized equipment, we will provide a thorough evaluation, explanation of findings, and treatment recommendations that are best for you.

Hearing Aids

We provide highly customized, evidence-based methods for selection, fitting and verifying the most current hearing aid technology.

Auditory Processing

At Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, we have years of experience evaluating the complex central auditory processing system and developing holistic treatment plans.


We provide an evidence-based approach to comprehensive tinnitus evaluation and individualized management plans.

Other Services Include



Hearing Monitoring


Specialty Devices




Wax Removal

Expertise In
Hearing & Balance

Dr. Candice E. Ortiz-Hawkins

  • Audiologist, speaker, and author on hearing healthcare practices.
  • Over 10 years at the prestigious Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
  • Master Clinician for her work in ototoxicity.

About Us

Dr. Jacquelyn C. J. Lovitt

  • American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist
  • Work at the premiere military hospital in the nation, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
  • Named Senior Master Clinician at Walter Reed.

About Us

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