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Amy Lossie
Amy Lossie
April 9, 2024.
Dr. Ortiz is outstanding! Her positive energy and drive to find a solution that works for her patients is unparalleled. I have a complicated prescription and tinnitus. She listens and encourages real-time feedback of how each hearing aid works for me. She’s honest, caring, and exceptionally knowledgeable. So glad i found Dr. Ortiz!
Gail Akinbinu
Gail Akinbinu
April 8, 2024.
I received excellent care and support at Capital Institute of Hearing and Balance .
Mark Travaglini
Mark Travaglini
April 3, 2024.
They were very thorough explaining everything in a way I could understand. We’re very professional while providing a welcoming and supportive environment. I left feeling they really cared and confident in the guidance they provided.
Ana Gomez
Ana Gomez
April 2, 2024.
Capital Instituto of Hearing & balance is a great place to attend, easy to make appointments, good customer service the personal are very nice and the specialist that helped me was very nice professional she explained step by step over all I felt comfortable I really recommend this place.
Elliot L
Elliot L
March 29, 2024.
It’s a travesty that I’m limited to five stars! One visit entirely changed my situation. Informative, caring and super nice all wrapped up in one!! Highly recommend.
Mildred Belton
Mildred Belton
March 25, 2024.
Pleasant knowledgeable exam was not painful and everything explanations were clear
Charles J. Bondi
Charles J. Bondi
March 24, 2024.
Dr. Lovitt is thorough in what she does and in the way that she explains the hearing evaluation and what could be disorders of the ear. The whole process is a bit stressful but she does her best to put the patient on a path to improving their hearing.
Seb Flores
Seb Flores
March 11, 2024.
Great doctors and staff. Very nice and friendly
Cordel Bainbridge
Cordel Bainbridge
March 1, 2024.
The staff and doctor was the best my mother was well pleased with the service.

Our Services

Concierge Care

At Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, our concierge care plan allows you to make the appointments when it is convenient for you.


We provide a child-friendly approach to the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of infants and children.

Dizziness & Balance

Using highly specialized equipment, we will provide a thorough evaluation, explanation of findings, and treatment recommendations that are best for you.

Hearing Aids

We provide highly customized, evidence-based methods for selection, fitting and verifying the most current hearing aid technology.

Auditory Processing

At Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance, we have years of experience evaluating the complex central auditory processing system and developing holistic treatment plans.


We provide an evidence-based approach to comprehensive tinnitus evaluation and individualized management plans.

Other Services Include



Hearing Monitoring


Specialty Devices




Wax Removal

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Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance now offers Lenire treatment. Book your tinnitus assessment with Capital Institute of Hearing & Balance today to see if Lenire is right for you!

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